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PLEASE remember that road work is very expensive, in the scheme of things, $150 per lot is very minimal considering the actual cost to maintain and build roads.  

PLEASE also remember that Andy Christensen is a landowner and board member who DOES NOT get paid to work on the roads.  He volunteers all of his time.  YOUR costs only include equipment and materials, which can be very costly.  We have minimal labor costs with transport and delivery charges only. 

So when you visit your property remember, a landowner such as yourself is donating his precious time to do the most work for the least amount of money possible so you can have access for $150 per year, per lot.  

Thank You,
Tina Adams

Road Expenses

Road Maintenance continues to be the main focus for the Turquoise Ranch Landowners board.  

Please keep in mind that Road maintenance is EXPENSIVE.  The Association does the best it can with the funds it collects.